15th Land Development Conference

Interior Minister Nicos Nouris said that the Title Deeds backlog had reduced during his speech at the 15th Land Development Conference in Nicosia on Tuesday 21st September 2021.

This news will be welcomed by thousands who have been waiting many years, in some cases decades, to get the deeds to properties they purchased.

  • In 2014, there were 120,000 Title Deeds unissued; today that backlog has been reduced to 19,190.
  • Of these, 8,000 will be issued within 2022 without problems and a further 6,500 will be issued by the end of 2022 with notes.
  • Of the remaining 5,000, the minister said that the whole issue is complex, and authorities must find a way to resolve it.

The Minister also said a new licensing policy from October 2020 will allow electronic applications, speeding up the process while making the procedure efficient and more transparent.