Ministry of Tourism announcement

On the 19.07.2021, the Ministry of Tourism announced the initiating of the process of submitting applications for registration of premises (villas, residences, apartments) in the Register of Self- Service Accommodation. Applications can be submitted by natural and legal persons, together with the documents as stated in the below paragraphs. This matter will affect owners who are using their premises for short or long-term stays from platforms like AirBnB, and other similar platforms or methods.

The key requirements to be met by the applicant prior to submitting the application for registration of accommodation in the register of self-service accommodation of the Ministry of Tourism are as follows:

  • Registration in the Tax Department (Number of Tax Identity or/and VAT when foreseen under the relevant Law) of the Republic of Cyprus;
  • Accommodation Insurance Coverage to be valid and in force, for at least fire cover and civil liability cover.

The application for the registration in the register will be submitted only electronically through the website of the Ministry of Tourism.

The applicant may advertise and/or rent the self-service accommodation, provided that it is registered in the Self-service Accommodation Register and has received a special mark and registration number from the Ministry of Tourism, which will be displayed on each platform on which the property is advertised, as well as in all related transactions.

The registration fee for self-service accommodation is €222 for each premise and has a duration of three years before it needs to be renewed.