Swimming Pool License Renewal

Have you issued / renewed your communal swimming pool license for this year?

All owners should be aware that in order to operate a public swimming in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to obtain a license for the operation of public swimming pool by the Municipal Council of the Municipality within which the pool is planned to be located or in any other case by the District Officer of the District within which the pool is planned to be located.

The term “public swimming pool” refers to swimming pools that are indented for use by the general public or groups of people such as members of unions, educational institutes, hotels, tenants of apartment complexes etc irrespective of the swimming pool’s ownership and/or usage fee charged; the term does not include the swimming pool intended exclusively for use by the members of a family and /or their invitees.

The license for the operation of a public swimming pool is valid for one year from the date of issue.

The license is renewed by following the same procedure as described above; the renewal fee is €51.26, while the renewal fee following changes or replacements taken place in the public swimming pool is €85.43.

It is noted that in case the license has been recalled, the fee for the re-issuance of the license is €85.43.